Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garden Fresh Supper

This is what was for supper at Providence Farm last night...
Tomatoes, cucumbers and blackberries (albeit not many...very sweet!), but sadly the carrots were not from our garden.
and certified organic Carola Potatoes freshly dug when Daddy got home from the office. (ok, so the corned beef isn't from the garden either...nor the cabbage that you don't see...maybe next time) The potatoes were cut, not peeled and place into boiling water for just a few minutes to make them tender, but not mushy. Toss with butter, oregano, garlic and sea salt. Simple. Simply good...Providentially!

My grandmother taught me to cook cabbage to bring out the most delightful taste. Cut the head into pieces about one inch square and place into a bowl or sink of cold water. Put about 1-2 TBS of bacon drippings in a large pot. Transfer the cabbage to the pot, dripping wet. Cook over high-medium high heat quickly until cabbage wilts, stirring frequently to prevent scorching. You may add a tad more water if you feel nervous about that. But just a tad, we're not boiling...we're steaming. Add sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Cover to retain steam until ready to serve. Mmmmm....

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