Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coconut Cake

Now, I am not sure whether or not I can share this recipe with you. I promise it isn't because I don't want to. But, friends, I am here to tell you, this cake was fantastic. A while back, (I know...it has been too long), I mentioned heirloom recipes and hinted that you should not keep them 'til you die! Didn't your mama teach you to share? There is one recipe, a family treasure you could say, that has eluded everyone who has ever asked for it. My Aunt Zelma made the best coconut cake you have ever tasted. She would not tell the recipe for love nor money, and ask me how I know. She took it to her grave. Sad but true. Actually, I think her daughter has it, but she isn't giving it up either. My sister and I have come pretty close, and we share our trials and triumphs with each other every time we try it. Well, I have found a new favorite. There's a new coconut cake on my favorites list. The recipe is from Paula Deen, in her book The Lady and Sons Too. So, as it is a published work, I'll send you in her direction for the recipe. But let it be known that it is worth the effort finding and preparing and waiting for.

It rests in the fridge for three days, so it's a perfect cake for Resurrection Sunday. Not perfect, however, for taking to the church picnic. (Sorry folks, but you'll have to come to Providence Farm to taste it.) It is a tall, cool, six-layered taste of Heaven on Earth. Move over Pepperidge Farms...this one is the real deal.

I told my mama that I thought this might even be better than Aunt Zelma's, but if she told anybody I said it, I'd deny it. I said Aunt Zelma would roll over in her grave. Mama said "ohhh, I am going to run down there right now and tell her!" Tattle tale...

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