Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a few of my favorite things

These are things I love to use in the kitchen and hope to fill my daughters' hope chests with. Well equipped kitchen essentials.

best to cook in: cast iron, hands down
All-Clad stainless steel, a close second
favorite to serve in (and cook): Polish pottery and Le Creuset cast iron, no cheap imitations...ask me why?...You get what you pay for.
utensils: Whetstone Woodenware, silicone spatulas and All-Clad stainless steel spoons
dishes: Homer Laughlin's Fiestaware, all colors, and nearly any pattern of red transferware
handmade potholders (Ok, the girls make them for me so I think I'll have to hide a few for them later.)
lovely tea towels
cloth napkins and tablecloths

More to follow.

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